Deadlines for submitting a candidate’s portfolio to the Faculty Recruitment Committee for majors: Visual Arts, Visual Arts, Design

Qualifying portfolios (candidate portfolio)

Candidate’s artistic abilities test on the basis of the submitted portfolio of artistic works (candidate’s portfolio) containing works in selected painting, drawing, graphic techniques, undertaking the study of nature (still life, landscape, human figure) – minimum 10 pieces, in a format not smaller than A3 (the evaluation is subject to the works sent by the candidate to the university, which must be sent no later than one day before the scheduled date of the exam, along with the file must be sent a completed statement.

Deadline July 10, 2023.

Link to the statement

The degree candidate submits his/her work as a pdf file.

The pdf file of the artwork portfolio presentation should be titled with the candidate’s name, include reproductions of the artwork in photographic quality to allow for an assessment of suitability for study, an overview photo showing the set of all works to be assessed – arranged side by side.