The Jan Kochanowski University provides students with accommodation in five dormitories located in the town centre: FAMA, ŁĄCZNIK, MELODIA, ODYSEJA, ASYSTENT.

UJK Student Dormitories/ photo T.Matuszak
UJK Student Dormitories/ photo T.Matuszak


Student dormitories offer:

  • a place (shared room),
  • a room in a double-room apartment,
  • a room in a three-room apartment
  • a studio (one bedroom apartment).

The monthly cost of one place is 370 – 650 PLN.

A double-room apartment includes two rooms with either 1 single bed, 2 separate single beds or 3 separate single beds each, a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom with shower.

Each room is equipped with:

  • wardrobe
  • table and chairs
  • bed
  • bedding
  • internet access
  • sat TV access

Kitchenette is equipped with:

  • fridge
  • electric cooker
  • microwave

Bathroom is equipped with:

  • toilet
  • shower
  • sink

In the dormitory building, there is also a TV room and laundry equipped with washing machines, free of charge and available for all the students.

In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory
In the dormitory


Dormitories Manager
Małgorzata Vela

Śląska Street 15A, Kielce
Dormitory “ŁĄCZNIK”, room no. 4
tel. 41 349 7352


Rules for staying in the student’s homes

The rules for accommodation and residence in the student’s homes


Accommodation takes place only on the basis of a decision on granting a place in the student dormitory. It is not possible to change places during the accommodation process.

Resignation from a place in a student residence

A person who resigns from the allocated place is obliged to immediately inform the staff of the Student Dormitory Service Section by phone: 41 349 73 52, 41 349 73 57, 41 349 73 63

or by e-mail:

Date and time of check-in

Checking in takes place during the working hours of the student dormitory administration, i.e. from 7.00 to 15.30 Monday to Friday. A person who has been allocated a place in a dormitory is obliged to specify the planned date and time of arrival at the dormitory for accommodation by phone or e-mail. A person who reports to accommodation without prior notice or on a date other than the declared date, is served in the last order, taking into account the working hours of the student residence administration.

Accommodation procedure

A person who has been given a place in a dormitory on the date and time indicated by him / her reports to the administration of the dormitory in which he / she has been given the place for the purpose of accommodation. During the accommodation, the student or doctoral student is required to submit a signed declaration confirming, inter alia, that:

  • familiarized themselves with the Dormitory Regulations of the Jan Kochanowski University;
  • undertakes to make timely payments for the space occupied by the student;
  • undertakes to pay the deposit on time;

After submitting the declaration, the person who has been given a place in the student dormitory of the Jan  Kochanowski University receives the key to the room from the administration of the dormitory.