Level: Bachelor Programme

Duration: 3.5 years (7 semesters)

Tuition fee: 11 500 PLN per semester


The major Data Engineering will provide an opportunity to the students of obtaining knowledge and abilities in the most dynamically developing technological domain, namely the analysis of large data (Big Data, Data Mining) and the related fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Recent advances in these topics led to a real break-through in Artificial Intelligence, which poses new civilization goals and challenges in education in computer sciences and computer engineering. In a competitive environment it is then necessary to promptly, actively, and effectively engage in these new methods and technologies from the educational side. The educational program focuses on obtaining the knowledge and professional abilities giving future possibilities of specialized employment in computer engineering, both in the region as well as on the global employment market. In modern world, adopting development strategies and making important decisions is based more and more on collection and analysis of large information, obtained from huge data bases. Our students will learn the latest techniques concerning the processing of such data, merging the abilities and knowledge from such fields as computer engineering, mathematics, and physics. The educational process will be based, from the practical side, on information technologies.