Dates of delivery to the Departmental Recruitment Committee portfolio of the candidate for flied of studies: Fine Art, Visual Arts, Design

Qualification of the folder (portfolio of the candidate)

Test of artistic talents of the candidate on the basis of a complex plastic work briefcase (portfolio of the candidate) containing realizations in selected painting techniques, drawing, graphic on the study of nature (still life, landscape, human figure) – A minimum of 10 pieces, in a format not less than A3 (the evaluation is subject to works sent by a candidate for studies, which should be sent no later than the day before the planned exam date, and send a completed statement).

Date until 7 July 2021.

link to a statement

Works should be signed by the name and surname of candidates submitted in a closed briefcase. In the case of foreigner candidates, the permissible form of the portfolio is a digital documentation (in JPG, TIFF, PDF formats, in 330 dpi resolutions, shorter sideways of a minimum of 25 cm.


Dates of the artistic test for Art Education in Music

First-degree studies

Test of artistic talents:

Assessment of voice, auditory and manual predispositions:

  • performing 1-3 tracks on the instrument selected by the candidate,
  • execution of one vocal work without an instrument,
  • music hearing test

The graduates of second-cycle music graduates are released from the artistic talency test. The diploma of completing the second-cycle music school should be delivered on the day of the skills test.

Second-degree studies

Test of artistic talents (for graduates of other musical and musicological directions, holding musical preparation):

  • evaluation of voice predisposition: execution of two vocal works without accompaniment,
  • assessment of manual predisposition: execution of three tracks on piano (or other key instrument),
  • conducting with two choral works.

Planned date of the skills test:

First-cycle studios:

8 July 2021, 9.00 am, room no. 2

Music Department

Mickiewicza 3 Street, Kielce

Second degree studies:

July 22, 2021, 10.00 Hall No. 2

Music Departent

Mickiewicza 3 Street, Kielce

Dates of the exam confirming knowledge of the Polish language:


5-7 July 2021 Written part 10.00

Oral part 13.00

14 September 2021. Written part 10.00

Oral part 13.00


In order to register for a remote exam, please send to the email: following information:

– Name and surname,

– date and place of birth,

– preliminary declaration on applying for studies,

– e-mail address.

Detailed information: