Level: Bachelor Programme

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Tuition fee: 5 000 PLN per semester


The aim of learning is to transfer knowledge in the field of broadly understood social sciences, including in particular the legal and administrative sciences. Students in the field of administration acquire knowledge, social competences and, above all, skills enabling proactive, public-spirited attitudes. They obtain comprehensive preparation for performing various social roles, for performing various functions (including managerial functions) in the broadly understood administration, both in public (government and local-government) and economic administration, as well as in non-public institutions and entities. They also gain competences related to civic education and the ability to get across relevant content. Knowledge of administration is one of the essential elements of the competence of the modern official regardless of the place in which he or she will be employed. Studying in this field is aimed primarily at preparing modern administration specialists, professional future officials to perform tasks related to work in public-sector institutions. The abovementioned skills and attitudes are embedded in the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the studies of issues related to the sphere of public administration, as well as knowledge of fundamental economic, social and legal institutions. The programme of studies in Administration includes both basic subjects, such as: fundamentals of jurisprudence, history of administration, fundamentals of constitutional law, administrative law, administrative proceedings, administration studies, civil-law forms of administration, etc. The cycle of classes is supplemented with the subject outline history of the region intended to introduce the student to the specificity of regional administration. In addition, the programme has been supplemented, among others, with classes such as: legal logic, philosophy of law, and public official ethics.

Admission requirements

Programme admission is carried out on a competitive basis based on the marks in the secondary school final examination in the following subjects:

  • One of the modern European languages: Polish, Russian, English, Spanish, French, German or Italian
  • History or Geography

Moreover, a candidate should demonstrate his/her ability to study in English by providing an English language certificate or taking an online English language exam. Accepted documents confirming the knowledge of English are, e.g.: Cambridge English First- FCF, IELT 5-6.5, TOEFL iBT 87-105. In the lack of a certificate confirming knowledge of English, the candidate should take a B2 level English exam.

Application process

Currently, our on-line application system is not available in English. Please contact admission@uniprt.pl for assistance in the application process.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp, Telegraph, and WhatsApp: +380 636946784

We speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Once you are accepted please provide us with the following:

  • Printed online form (the accuracy of the data contained in the form is confirmed by the candidate’s signature)
  • Photocopy of the legalized/apostilled secondary school-leaving certificate (together with the original for authentication conducted by the University)
  • 1 paper photograph that complies with the requirements set for issuing ID cards (same as the digital photo attached to the online registration form)
  • A4 white binding folder.

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